PCI Compliance Overview
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Setting the standard for security. To date, criminals have stolen millions of customer card records, leaving the industry facing the increasing threat of data theft. That's why card payment companies joined forces to create the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) with the aim of safeguarding sensitive card data. By implementing the standards, businesses are protected against:
Communication shutdown
Businesses that rely heavily on the internet are financially vulnerable to any loss of connectivity. This threat can be reduced and even prevented.
Account tampering
Installing up-to-date antivirus software to resist Trojans and other malicious viruses protects data that's been entered, stored, processed, and maintained by merchants.
Identity theft
By protecting and encrypting cardholder data that's in transit across public networks, private details such as name, address, and account number and expiry date are kept hidden.
Internal theft
By using secure internal access controls, businesses and service providers can protect cardholder data from dishonest insiders and external fraudsters.
Website tampering
To prevent 'defacement' where a slight alteration of web data entry forms deceives customers into revealing sensitive data, companies must be adequately protected by their network.
Legal entanglements
With correct measures in place, businesses can avoid having illegal pornography or pirate movies copied onto their business computers.
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