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 Our Management Team 
DTI Credit, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, opened for business in 1988 specializing in telecommunications. In 1998, we transitioned into debit and credit card services as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) using First Data as our debit and credit processor. DTI offers services to all types of businesses from family owned to large national quick services franchisees and other medium sized retailers.
We provide processing services for:
QSR’s Over 1,500 nationally branded QSR locations
Movie Theaters Over 1,000 movie screen locations
Wholesale Distributors & Manufacturers Specialized card payment products for business to business sales
Today, DTI Credit has offices in Florida, Texas, and California and field technicians in 23 states. We are currently expanding our corporate headquarters to better serve our customers of today and tomorrow.
We have job openings in Marketing, Sales, Technical Support, Operations and IT.
DTI Credit careers provide an unlimited opportunity for growth and excellent benefits, such as health insurance and paid vacations. We are constantly looking for employees with integrity, a strong work ethic and experience in the card payments industry.
For current job openings please contact Shelley Houtsma
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